We’re a full-service creative agency dedicated to helping your business grow. From branding and website design to developing your digital marketing programs–we’ve got you covered. We help you leave a mark your clients will remember both online and in print. We see our clients as our partners, and together we win when your business grows and succeeds. Contact us to find out what we can do for you!

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Meet Your Team

Our success comes from the passion and dedication of our highly skilled and creative team. Here are a few of our customer-focused team members who you will be working with!

AJ Arapovic

CEO & Founder

INSPIRATION IS EVERYWHERE - I find it extremely satisfying to work for much-needed brands and to transform the expectation of the customer. EXTRAORDINARY SERVICE FOR EXTRAORDINARY CUSTOMER - “For me, it’s a blessing to be given an opportunity to serve, bring joy through our brands, and help many individuals and businesses grow. In the end, this is what makes Showsight Creative extraordinary. ATTENTION TO DETAIL - Just look at my picture. “ A picture speaks a thousand words”.

Hanifa Arapovic

Vice President

Creating something out of a catastrophe can be fun too, like a great iced tea from a batch of fruit you have overcooked.<br /> The pressure is healthy and I can handle it. Welcome to Hanifa’s Kitchen!

Michael Veras


I enjoy fitness and health, my coffee black, my conversations and books challenging, helping others, and fulfilling work. Data-driven with a strategic focus on operational details. Constantly seeking to improve and deepen our talent, find new opportunities to excel and innovate, and create operational efficiencies in order to provide our customers with an unsurpassed experience.

Alexandra Gebhardt

Head of Digital Brands

Rider of Storms and Unicorns, Mother of Rotties, and Builder of Brands. Fueled by sugar and caffeine, I love big dogs and big dreams. Full-time treat dispenser, award-winning crazy dog lady. I answer questions and solve problems. Show me a wall and I'll show you the other side 😉

Daniel Cartier

Director of Web Development

Helping people reach for the stars is awesome. I get to do that with our clients every day! When I’m not designing beautiful websites, I play music, create art, restore old homes, and rescue handicapped dogs. My current dog pack includes 2 deaf dogs, 1 blind dog and a very adorable hound dog.

Elma Begić

Social Media Fairy

A dreamer, a doer, a thinker - the one who sees possibility everywhere! I'm just the right mix of creative, curious, and coffee! I don't use social media to impress, but to impact.

Seky Veladzic

Code Master

“Software Developer” – An organism that turns caffeine into software. I make sure your ideas, products, business and beloved dogs are represented without bugs and quirks in the digital world.

Emina Halilagić

Customer Success

Always sprinkle life with a little silliness. A proud sponsor of messy hair and life, sweatpants and black coffee who believes the love of a dog is the purest one.


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