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Cambria Dobermans

Website Re-Design

The client had a rich history breeding and showing Doberman Pinschers, but none of that was reflected in their old website, which hadn’t received an update in years. The client desperately wanted their new website to be vibrant, engaging and modern, and also reflect the joy and passion they felt for the breed. They also wanted mobile friendly optimization, and puppy inquiry forms which were easy to fill out and submit from any device.

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How We Helped

We talked extensively with the client to find out what their needs were. Using their feedback we designed an entirely new website with a modern flow, high-resolution photos, and playful animation to catch the visitor’s eyes when they first enter the site. We also created an easy to use navigation, galleries to showcase our client’s history in the breed, and easy to use contact forms which will allow anybody to get information on our clients breeding programs or be considered as a prospective new family for one of our clients dogs.

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